OneNote Road Map: Lastest add 10/10/2023, GA: November 2023

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Added to roadmap: 10/10/2023 Rollout Start: November 2023

OneNote: Copilot in OneNote
Copilot in OneNote helps you revolutionize the way you plan and organize by staying better prepared and proactively taking action from notes. Now you can gain deeper insights on your notes by asking comprehensive questions, generating summaries of your content, asking Copilot to generate content for you, and helping make your writing clearer.

Go to Microsoft 365 Copilot in OneNote

Added to roadmap: 6/14/2023 GA: September 2023

OneNote: Stream (on SharePoint) is now supported in OneNote
OneNote will support Stream 2.0 and provide an enhanced unfurl experience, allowing users to insert a linked video and play it directly within OneNote pages. Furthermore, users will have the ability to apply formatting options, such as resizing and changing the shape of the inserted video.

Added to roadmap: 7/19/2022 GA: August 2022

Dictation in DoD
We are bringing the capabilities of dictation to DoD. DoD users will be able to use speech to text technology in Office apps to draft documents, emails, and notes.

Added to roadmap: 4/15/2022 GA: August 2022

Math Ink Recognizer Service
Math Ink Recognizer Service is a part of the Math Assistant feature. It converts handwritten ink in your notes to math equations for solving math problems.

Added to roadmap: 4/15/2022 GA: August 2022

Math Solver Service
The Math Solver service is a part of the Math Assistant feature. It helps students learn how to solve their handwritten math problems.

Added to roadmap: 3/31/2022 GA: June 2022

Dictate your notes in OneNote
Dictation with commanding available in both OneNote Web and Windows. You can use speech to text instead of typing and various commands, such as delete, to edit your notes.

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